A wooden bench seat on the wall of a bathroom.
A brown bench in the corner of a bathroom.

Comfort and Safety Meet With Health at Home Bilanx Shower Seating

Being able to sit while bathing is a fundamental design element for any Universally Designed, Aging-in-Place, or accessible bathroom. In fact, having the option to sit while bathing is a sensible addition to any shower and for any bather. (Please see the “Sit while showering” section).

The Bilanx shower seat collection provides the following features and benefits:

  • Design – 16 seat slat colors, 4 frame finishes, and 2 widths to accentuate any decor.
  • Comfort – Warmer material than tile (for both the bather’s back and rear). Larger seating area than most other shower seats.
  • Functional – The ergonomic Bilanx shower seat functions like a sturdy chair, not a bench (easier to sit/stand than with a bench).
  • Optimizes space – Unlike a tiled-in or molded bench, the Bilanx seat may be folded up when needed to optimize the available shower space (2.5” projection from wall when closed). It may be installed on the side or back wall (with proper blocking).
  • Sanitary – the recyclable HDPE material does not harbor bacteria and, unlike wooden seat slats, can be sanitized with a diluted bleach solution.
  • Reliable/Safe – the 12 gauge stainless steel frames combined with the 1” thick HDPE seat slats support 500 lbs. Durable, low-maintenance materials.
  • Cost Efficient – can be installed in one hour (with proper blocking in the wall). Slats can be exchanged in place to update decor.

4 Frame Finishes – Polished, Brushed, Bronze, & Matte Black

 The sensible addition to your shower, Bilanx shower seats are much less susceptible to causing a water leak than a tiled bench. Unlike benches, they are not fixed objects but can be folded to maximize space. Warm to the touch, the Bilanx shower seat improves bathing safety and comfort. Whether preparing for the day or after a strenuous day, the Bilanx seat provides the option to sit and relax while bathing. Personal hygiene is improved when bathing can be done in a reassuring, comfortable environment.

A wall mounted shower seat with a white tile background.
A wooden bench in the corner of a bathroom.
A white wall mounted shower seat with four different finishes.

2 Frame Widths – 18” & 26”

A color chart showing the different colors of paint.

8 Seat Slat Color Options in the Mono-Color Collection

A picture of different wood types and colors.

7 Seat Slat Color Options in the Luxewood Collection