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About Us
“This is the last remodel we will ever do.”
“Getting in and out of my bathtub has become more difficult.”
“We need to get a bathroom ready for Mom (or Dad).”
“We have a family member with a disability.”
“I want to update my bathroom so that it looks great but is also easy to use and maintain.”
Or simply any customer who is thinking about the future and wants to stay in their own home for as long as they can.
If any of the above statements apply to you, a family member, or a customer/client/patient of yours, we are a resource for products and knowledge to modify, design, or build their bathrooms. Collectively we bring over seventy-five years of plumbing fixture experience to bear in assisting our customers.
Since 2009 our Charlotte, NC based business has been focused upon the bathroom as the most important living space for achieving longevity with comfort and dignity, at home.  We are “products people” committed to developing, sourcing, and supplying products with a level of service that provides the best outcomes for our customers, knowing that if we meet this standard our reward will be to “do good” as we strive to “do well”.